How to purchase eggspots? Info

1. The (mostly) fast way:

via our  -> online-Shop

via PayPal, with subsequent immediate download option.

Step 1: After payment you will be transfered to our "thank you page" where you can read the following words:
Many thanks for your order, your payment via Paypal has been made successfully.

You will now receive an e-mail containing a link to the download area and a log-in password, to enable you to download the issues of eggspots you have ordered.

Step 2: You should receive (mostly imediately) a mail from
Please make sure that your spam-filter does not filter this mail, because it contains the word 'shop' in the addresser.

That's how the mail looks like:

Hello DetectedName,
Many thanks for your order for eggspots.
You can download the issue(s) ordered via the following link:
Here are your log-in data:
Username: DetectedName
Password: numbers&characters
With best wishes from the eggspots team
Step3: click on the specified URL, then
insert username (such as in the example DetectedName) in the field 'Benutzername'
password (such as in the example numbers&characters) in the field 'Password'

!!!Make sure you did not insert any leading or adjacent space characters, especially if you're using drag and drop!!!

Step 4: Now you will receive the dowloadlink with the bilingual message:

Hier koennen Sie sich die bestellten Ausgaben von Eggspots runterladen.
Einfach auf den Link klicken oder mit dem rechten Mausklick "Ziel Speichern unter" waehlen

Here you can Download your ordered Magazin Eggspots. Please click on the link below.

- Download Eggspots 03/2010 : Eggspots 03/2010

!!!If you have any problems with this procedure, don't worry, just write me an email!!!

You don't have a PayPal account?

A PayPal account is for free, there are no account fees.

More info here at -> PayPal.

You still don't want a PayPal account?


2. The (little more) slow way:

from other countries of the European Union (from outside of the EU please contact me):

Please transfer the amount of 1.50 €uro (per issue ordered)
on my account (Erwin Schraml):

IBAN: DE12 7205 0000 0810 4423 43

Next step:

Send me an email to:

with informations about the issues you like to order, like:

eggspots no. 2,
eggspots no. 2 and 3
and so on

You will get those issues you've ordered via email-attachments, right after I have received the payment.

3. The black & white print edition is for sale against cash in advance, at a price of 5 €uro + postage per issue.